A re-discovery

From Paul to Paul
I was searching for a document on one of my older drive back-ups this morning and stumbled upon this image I’d scanned in years back. One summer, long ago (1981?), I worked for Paul Sharits as an “assistant” – basically doing odd tasks for him while he traveled (can’t remember where) and when he was in town. Wasn’t an extensive time, but it was an interesting time.

I’ve since lost the napkin that was contained in this envelope…wish I still had it.From Paul to Paul back The Center for Media Studies was a unique place, an experience, way back then. I learned 8088 assembly language programming¬† in a course with Hollis Frampton (which could be a small novella in itself, certainly merits a seperate entry someday….) and ended up renting the attic space ( for a short while) in a house Tony Conrad owned.

Just a minor stroll down memory lane…….

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