Paul Treadwell, Distance Learning Advisor, Cornell Cooperative Extension

Paul’s involvement in digital media can be traced back to 1980 when he participated in work being undertaken by Hollis Frampton at the Center for Media Study at the University of Buffalo. Paul has conducted digital video workshops with youth in New York State and Nicaragua. His involvement with distance learning began over a decade ago and has focused on peer learning and knowledge development in online environments. He is especially interested in the practical application of the work of Paulo Freire to the field of distance learning.

Paul lives in Cortland, New York with his wife and youngest son. He is an amateur photographer, occasional fly fisherman and noted curmudgeon.


Select Presentations:

  • ICT for Agricultural Extension – June 2011 – Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Agriculture Conference, Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Digital and Media Literacy | Reclaiming the promise of technology – April 2011 – Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
  •  Broadband, civic engagement and sustainability – July 2010 – Cornell Municipal Clerks Institute – Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
  •  Learning to measure the performance of ecoagriculture landscapes – January 2008 – Cornell International Institute for  Food and Agricultural Development Forum – Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
  •  Weaving the Distributed Knowledge Network – May 2005 – Association of Cornell Cooperative Extension Employees – Buffalo New York
  •   Forest Farming Learning Communities: A Second Generation; Louise E. Buck, Kenneth W. Mudge, Paul Treadwell –  June, 2005 – Association For Temperate Agroforestry 2005 – Rochester, Minnesota

Prior (alternative) version of bio:

I am distance learning consultant and information technology specialist with Cornell Cooperative Extension. My current areas of work include promoting social media for civic engagement and social learning, digital storytelling and documentary, and exploring appropriate information tools and technologies for agricultural extension and community development. I am actively involved in developing and teaching online classes for digital literacy. I can also be found working with youth, on select occasions, around issues of digital media production and storytelling.

I also advise not-for-profits working in Nicaragua who are actively engaged in the use of information technology for community development. Currently I am working to create a peer learning network that will link practitioners and professionals working in the area of smallholder agriculture and sustainable community development in Nicaragua and the United States. I also run an annual learning exchange to Nicaragua in January.

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