Bereft and adrift

My work email has been down for 3 days now. I must be getting so much work done, without the distraction of a constant onslaught of messages, right? Doesn’t seem to work that way. Oddly it seems lonely – as much as I complain about spam etc…. it i/has become a major connector to the world outside these walls. I still catch myself going to check my email, even though I am well aware of it’s current state of brokenness. It’s an automatic thing, Pavlovian I suppose, and disturbing in it’s absence.

So much is tied to email now. We were supposed to begin an online course Monday – I wrote this nice welcome message, posted it to the course news forum and then realised that course news was to be sent, via email, to the participants so…no dice. And there sits the course, loaded and ready to go, but isolated – adrift. If no email tomorrow I have to call 40 people ….

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