Broadband presentation, and let’s play a game…..

I’m off, in about 20 minutes, to do an exciting presentation on broadband and it’s benefits for a group of county clerks. I’ve produced the shortest powerpoint in my life, yet, coming in at 12 pages…9 if you discount the title, links and contact pages. When I started thinking about this presentation I started nodding off…..not another 32 page powerpoint about minicipal wi-fi, mesh networks, et al. I’m bored giving boring presentations so I began to wonder about better ways to do things and remember the planning games over at usefulgames, so we’re doing a short powerpoint, some questions and then into a planning game.

I’m looking forward to this, to see how the process works with the hope of being able to make this another tool I have available. For now, here’s the powerpoint. Later my reflections on the presentation.

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