Career Ex ’08 – Digital Storytelling – Day 2 A.M.

Off to the races, so to speak. Today began at 8:30 – an ungodly hour to have to be functionally interacting with others, in my opinion, but the schedule abides. After a brisk discussion, everyone was anxious to get out there, start doing things and so out into the world they headed. It always amazes me – the energy, the creativity that can happen – and I really shouldn’t be suprised. I am hopeful that this experince provides a space to encourage some exploration that is otherwise unavailable on a day to day basis. After 7 years of doing this event I like to think I’ve found a balance between providing the right amount of structure and support without narrowing the field of potential action.

Things move in parallel, that goes without saying, and so perhaps some of the increase in flow and succesful completion of projects during these sessions is the inevitable result of pre-existing exposure to technology but I would like to think that some small spark happnes here. Yes, I still want to be the cool instructor guy that kids want to hang out with and learn from – ego, as well as schedules, abides – but I hope some of it is the program, the space and freedom to express.

This year I have 5 or 6 returning participants who were in last years session and at least one who is marking the third year of participation in my/our session – something must be clicking.

Pictures from yesterday afternoon and earlier this morning are up at the digital storytelling blog.

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