Distance Learning

Mobilizing Moodle – a review of “Moodle for Mobile Learning” video course

Being forward thinking I installed a responsive theme for Moodle when we upgraded to 2.0. I tested the site on an iPad and my phone and the page displayed, I could login and access course content. We were all set for the mobile age. I […]

Evolving Web-based Online Courses

An Evolving Web-based Online Course (EWOC) represents a method for the use of online technologies to create interactive, engaged, and engaging, learning opportunities. An EWOC is meant to be responsive to the needs of participants, with course topics being fluid, open to amendment and able […]

Distance learning (a work in progress)

Starting out from two options: Synchronous (same time): For example a webinar, or live lecture/presentation via video Asynchronous (any time): For example an online course, discussion board, recorded lectures Each has advantages/disadvantages. Synchronous learning activities can be captured for reuse in asynchronous settings. Lectures can […]

Books that have shaped my perspective of online learning.

I’m cleaning up an online course and wanted to preserve this list, while removing it from the course. And since I’m here I might as well update it a bit. Pedagogy of the Oppressed. Paulo Freire – back on the top of my list again. […]

e-Portfolios | Capturing, and reflecting on, learning

Short slideset for today’s webinar introducing e-portfolios.

Open, Online Learning – Before and Beyond MOOC’s

Sildeset I used on February 20 to introduce OER’s and MOOC’s to colleagues. Some of the attendees were still quite puzzled by MOOC’s and how they differ from the model for online education that we have developed. This was a start to making that difference […]