From Code to Craft – Open, appropriate, technology and the design of a new world – part 3

Information and communications technologies (ICT’s) continue to change and develop at a rapid pace. Increasingly pervasive and networked (both socially and ‘physically’) ICT’s are largely black boxes. While there are indications of movements and trends that attempt to plumb the depths of these black boxes, […]

Evolving Web-based Online Courses

An Evolving Web-based Online Course (EWOC) represents a method for the use of online technologies to create interactive, engaged, and engaging, learning opportunities. An EWOC is meant to be responsive to the needs of participants, with course topics being fluid, open to amendment and able […]

Books that have shaped my perspective of online learning.

I’m cleaning up an online course and wanted to preserve this list, while removing it from the course. And since I’m here I might as well update it a bit. Pedagogy of the Oppressed. Paulo Freire – back on the top of my list again. […]

Digital Literacy | Why it matters

Digital Literacy | Why it matters from Paul Treadwell

Presentation proposal – “Re-presenting” the world through technology. Digital literacy practices in cross-cultural contexts

Drawn from projects involving youth working in the United States and Latin America, three case studies will focus on technology as mediator for the “re-presentation” of the world by learner-teachers, and the facilitation of that process by the teacher-learner. Project work with digital photography and […]