Technology in, for, and with community 1 | Fab Ateneus, Barcelona

Being based at a university, and working within the cooperative extension system, I’m always looking for models of community/university collaboration that exemplify a participatory engagement with citizens (Or, as some would put it- “stakeholder” engagement). And in our current era of makers and making, examples […]

From Code to Craft – Open, appropriate, technology and the design of a new world – part 3

Information and communications technologies (ICT’s) continue to change and develop at a rapid pace. Increasingly pervasive and networked (both socially and ‘physically’) ICT’s are largely black boxes. While there are indications of movements and trends that attempt to plumb the depths of these black boxes, […]


This entry is part 2 of 0 in the seriesOpen, appropriate, technology and the design of a new worldWe have continually expanding access to new technologies. And yet the issues, problems and plagues that have been with us for decades still endure. And what is […]

Open, appropriate, technology and the design of a new world – Version 0, part1.

This entry is part 1 of 0 in the seriesOpen, appropriate, technology and the design of a new worldI recently returned from two weeks in Nicaragua. During my time there we conducted some tech workshops with kids using littleBits (more about that in a future […]

Makers,making,diy and hacking citations

As of December 9, 2014: Journal articles I’ve gathered around the topic of makers and making. Many read, a handful left to work through, and more to discover. Does not include books – update on those coming soon.   Bevan, B., Gutwill, J. P., Petrich, […]

Raising funds to support technology workshops in Nicaragua

This January (2015) I’ll be heading off to Nicaragua for two weeks. During my time there I will be conducting several technology workshops with youth. While I am still in the planning process I do know that I will be using littleBits as the core […]

Technology to build knowledge (sharing) networks – the quick start

As of today, there are a number of free online applications that can be used in different combinations to build an online knowledge network. One of the key factors in determining where to begin is the question “who are my (hoped for) participants”. Understanding who […]

October 2013 ICT4D resources

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Distance learning (a work in progress)

Starting out from two options: Synchronous (same time): For example a webinar, or live lecture/presentation via video Asynchronous (any time): For example an online course, discussion board, recorded lectures Each has advantages/disadvantages. Synchronous learning activities can be captured for reuse in asynchronous settings. Lectures can […]

Empowering technology? Tablets, youth and collaborative video production.

I recently spent a few days working with 25 4-H youth in a program focused (loosely) on digital storytelling. This is the fourth year I’ve conducted this program and I always intend to gather my thoughts afterwards in some sort of coherent fashion – but […]