Vector Transfer – The irregular podcast. Episode 1

    Links to things: Minecraft/bitcoin – one example: https://www.playmc.com/ Voxelnauts: http://voxelnauts.com/ Virtual Economies (book):  http://www.amazon.com/Virtual-Economies-Design-Analysis-Information/dp/0262027259/

Civic makers

Civics, for some of us of a certain age, might call up memories of somewhat musty school books, droning teachers and student councils. It is one of those terms that can seem endearingly dated in our ironic (or are we post-ironic yet?), cynical post-democratic ( […]

From Code to Craft – Open, appropriate, technology and the design of a new world – part 3

Information and communications technologies (ICT’s) continue to change and develop at a rapid pace. Increasingly pervasive and networked (both socially and ‘physically’) ICT’s are largely black boxes. While there are indications of movements and trends that attempt to plumb the depths of these black boxes, […]

Minecraft, littleBits – virtual/physical interactions and sensing

This past July we did some work with littleBits and Minecraft (video below) which has lead to some further thoughts and development. Once you start taking these two tools seriously there is a tremendous amount of potential in their educational use. One of the most […]