Setup for Podcasting

Someone asked me what I use for audio – interviews and such. If I’m flying solo, doing a screencast, I use a Sennheiser USB headset but for multiple voices I dig out the mics and mixer. So, I present, for posterity and everyone’s edification, my audio setup for recording interviews:

  • MXL V63M microphones and am satisfied with the price/performance.
  • You’ll need Mic stands
  • Mic cables
  • I use a Behringer Eurorack UB802 Mixer
  • You will want a
    1/4″ Stero Adapter
  • and a speaker cable to go from the 1/4″ stereo adapter to the soundcard on the computer…can grab those at radio shack or best buy.

Audacity is good and free for recording and editing the sound.

Distance Learning Dialogs – What is Instructional Design

Distance Learning Dialogs – What is Instructional Design?

The first in a series of Distance Learning Dialog podcasts. In this cast I discuss instructional design with Sarah Fox Dayton, Professional Development Specialist at Cornell Cooperative Extension. The whys and how’s of integrating ID into a distance learning course development process are explored.