Social Media 101 – A terse, incomplete and hurried introduction

About 24 hours prior to the delivery of this presentation I realised that the presentation I wanted to give (From Content to Context -social media, networks and meaning) would have had this particular audience glazed over in a matter of seconds. So I ripped together this – Social Media 101 – Content, Context and Story – and ran through it quite quickly in order to give us time to play the social media card game. You can, if you really want to, watch the video of my hurried presentation here.

It was disappointing, in some ways, as there wasn’t time, nor foundation, to really dig into the topic. I presented the powerpoint, handed out a glossary of social media terms and then we split up into groups to play a social media game. I do feel that the quick presentation followed by the game delivered more  of an opportunity to be concrete about what it all meant. I seeded each group with an IT person to act as a sort of living glossary/advisor which helped also.

It’s an ongoing learning process, for me, as I try to “get the message out”. Experimenting and learning what works best with which audiences. And, if anyone out there has a good audience for From Content to Context -social media, networks and meaning I’d love to present that someday.

Pulling together resources for a presentation/event/happening.

I’m doing an “educational” activity here this Friday morning with some co-workers. I’m tired of powerpoints and yapping at people. As dazzling and engaging as that may be for my audience, lately I’ve been trying to diversify, to deepen my bag of tricks and find better, more interactive and engaging ways to talk about technology. So, I’ve contemplated theater – which has some promise but I haven’t pulled that off yet – and games. I have used the tech planning card games developed by David Wilcox with success, and this presents another opportunity to use a game to really look at what some of these technologies can do, in a hopefully meaningful way that has relevance and meaning.

So, I need to gather some background resources for folks – on the odd and oddly optimnistic hope that someone who attends Friday will want more information. I suppose I should mention that at this point the topic du jour is “Social Media-An Invitation to Tell Stories”. And yes….there is an itnroductory powerpoint – my dislike of ppt presentations is overcome by the feeling of near nakedness at not having one at all. I’ve managed to pare them down to around 15 quick slides, but still use them – maybe someday I’ll be ready to cut the proverbial apron strings. And it’s enirely possible, given that it’s only Tuesday, that this will all change. But – some links:

Developing a guide to social media – not so recently updated wikispace – Beth Kanter and David Wilcox – Useful for links to games and info.

Secret Guide to Social Media in Large Organizations

One page guides to social media tools – Tim Davies – handy, but a bit busy one pagers covering wikis, blogs, etc…

Motionbox – online video sharing/editing/storage. Haven’t used but looks potetnailly useful.

More to follow.

Broadband presentation, again….

Doing the broadband evangilist thing again this afternoon. Updated powerpoint and a few links for the presentation:

Case Studies:
•Syracuse Municipal Broadband
•Burlington, VT Telecom



•NYS Office for Technology

NYS Council for Universal Broadband

New York State ‘s Broadband Federal Stimulus Web site

•New York State Broadband Coverage Maps


•Broadband USA

•Vermonters Fight for High Speed Internet

•Rural Riddle: Do Jobs Follow Broadband Access?

Pew Internet and American Life Project

Broadband- A tool for civic engagement and sustainability?

Powerpoint hot off the virtual presses! Click the link to dl/open the pptbroadband-civic-engagement-and-sustainability

High speed internet access can be a powerful tool for communities. During this webinar we will explore some of the practical and potential uses of broadband in addressing issues of civic engagement,sustainability and economic growth. Any discussion of this topic must, however, look at ways to bridge the “digital divide”. In light of that fact, we’ll also look at Issues of access and digital literacy How creative can we be in creating inclusive engaging opportunities that make use of the potential of broadband technology? During this session we’ll have ample opportunity for dialog and discussion.

Webinar – Broadband- A tool for civic engagement and sustainability?

Spring 2009: Sustainable Communities Webinar #3:
Tuesday, March 24, 2009: 2:00 – 3:30 p.m.


High speed internet access can be a powerful tool for communities. During this webinar
we will explore some of the practical and potential uses of broadband in addressing issues of civic engagement, sustainability, and economic growth.Any discussion of this topic must, however, look at issues of access and digital literacy -the “digital divide”.

How creative can we be in crafting inclusive and engaging opportunities that make use of the potential of broadband technology? During this session we’ll have ample opportunity for discussion. Feel free to bring (virtually) examples of tools or projects which you think make exemplary use of the technology.

Learning Objectives:
Webinar participants will better understand (1) the ways broadband can contribute to sustainable communities (2) the challenges posed by the “digital divide” and ways these challenges might be overcome and (3) how to evaluate the benefits of broadband technology.

Paul’s Bio:
Paul Treadwell is a distance learning consultant and information technology specialist with Cornell Cooperative Extension.His current areas of interest include digital storytelling in the context of online learning, and exploring appropriate tools and techniques for civic engagement online. He develops and teaches online classes on social networking and is actively engaged in the use of storytelling and games to evoke creativity and engagement in the realm of Information Technology. This summer Paul will be offering a summer seminar on “Tools for Civic Engagement | Social Learning, Dialog and Deliberation”. <

If anyone is interested feel free to contact me.

Broadband presentation, and let’s play a game…..

I’m off, in about 20 minutes, to do an exciting presentation on broadband and it’s benefits for a group of county clerks. I’ve produced the shortest powerpoint in my life, yet, coming in at 12 pages…9 if you discount the title, links and contact pages. When I started thinking about this presentation I started nodding off…..not another 32 page powerpoint about minicipal wi-fi, mesh networks, et al. I’m bored giving boring presentations so I began to wonder about better ways to do things and remember the planning games over at usefulgames, so we’re doing a short powerpoint, some questions and then into a planning game.

I’m looking forward to this, to see how the process works with the hope of being able to make this another tool I have available. For now, here’s the powerpoint. Later my reflections on the presentation.

ICT to Support Educational Programming

Yet another ppt. This one for an in-service tomorrow for educators. I actually have a slide called “The Power of ICT”…..maybe too many times seeing the Iron Man advertisement?

I struggled, a bit, with framing this presentation. I originally started with a Create, Share, Present matrix which made sense to me, but I wisely consulted a respected elder here – my sometimes mentor on certain topics – and he suggested a Development and Delivery context which makes good sense-given the focus and tasks our educators have in from of them.

So here’s the ppt

Hoping it refine it a bit after the presentation, narrate it and post the video next week.

Three slides about a web site – technology to support a mixed community of practice

This past week I was involved in a presentation about the Landscape Measures Resource Center, a new site we’ve developed to support the practice of landscape measurement. This is a fairly new practice and integrates knowledge and stakeholders from multiple domains. I’ve extracted the three slides that directly addressing our use of technology and repackaged them, using Adobe Presenter. I can’t get the presentation to embed well here so the direct link to the slide is:

If you’d like to take a look at the in-development version of the web site it’s online here:

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