Minecraft, littleBits – virtual/physical interactions and sensing

This past July we did some work with littleBits and Minecraft (video below) which has lead to some further thoughts and development. Once you start taking these two tools seriously there is a tremendous amount of potential in their educational use. One of the most […]

Raising funds to support technology workshops in Nicaragua

This January (2015) I’ll be heading off to Nicaragua for two weeks. During my time there I will be conducting several technology workshops with youth. While I am still in the planning process I do know that I will be using littleBits as the core […]

Preparing for Career Ex 2014 HackJam

It all begins tomorrow. This year we’ll be (hopefully) making and hacking a bit, which is a deviation from my past few yearly sessions and a bit of a challenge. Lately I’ve strayed away from, the hardware and technical aspects of things – focusing more […]

Empowering technology? Tablets, youth and collaborative video production.

I recently spent a few days working with 25 4-H youth in a program focused (loosely) on digital storytelling. This is the fourth year I’ve conducted this program and I always intend to gather my thoughts afterwards in some sort of coherent fashion – but […]

CareerExplorations 2013

Waiting for the kids to arrive in about 15 minutes. Walking over to Mann Library I realized that this is my12th year doing a session for Career Ex. And this years group may be the largest Ive worked with (25 kids) which may be a […]