Design and Tech–2004 PD session

IMG_0436.JPGFor several years I have run a participatory design session with 4-H teens focused on mobile devices. This session is in late june and runs for 3 days. We discuss the impact and implications of mobile technologies and then break into design teams to brainstorm around a particular concept.

In this program we will explore and re-design common technology tools including cell phones, gps devices, and hand held computing devices. We will also take a look at the design process and the impact of users on design evolution.
Issues of form and function and the design decision process will be explored. Design teams will be formed to begin the preliminary design process for a new device. Design materials for this session will include paper, pencils and markers.

One scenario we have worked with is:
ConX : A mobile information device that connects you with your friends. This device would have the ability to communicate with multiple people at the same time and might have the ability to locate them, geographically. Communication could be textual, voice or video.

Which lead to a number of discussions around privacy and location based systems. It is fairly apparent, from these discussions, that current tools and settings are fairly coarse grained when addressing issues of locatabilty and personal privacy. The privacy issues….though not fully thought out by the design participants…were a factor in their design decisions.

More to come……

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