Designing, again, with and for teens.

Our web development team, of which I am currently modest leader, has begun to discuss our program for career explorations. Career Explorations is a yearly event, sponsored by 4-H, that brings hundreds of teens to the Cornell campus to…..explore careers. We have participated for a number of years, experimenting, learning and hopefully “teaching” a bit. Last year we focused on blogging and podcasting, with some video thrown. Overall, it was a good 3 days, but ….

This year we’re hoping to set the bar a bit higher with the optomistically tiltled session “Connect, Collaborate and Create”. As we were discussing what we might do this year one of my programmers¬† (thanks Michal)¬† thought we could expand on last years session by creating a collaborative environment online that would foster the creation of art. Yes, we dream big…..but if we can pull it off it should produce something of interest.

So…we have a vision that needs to be realized. I’ve searched and haven’t found an “off the shelf” package that will accomplish what we want…allowing the integration of audio, images, text and video in an environment that can be edited by all participants….but if anyone knows of something I haven’t found I’d appreciate a ping…otherwise I will try to be more dilligent about posting here to track some of the progress we make in developing such a tool.

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