e-learning and citizen science….points of contact

My interest in citizen science is multifold, but for the purpose of this discussion it will focus on online citizen science projects and the points of contact/overlap or collaboration that can exist with e-learning.

Citizen science “is a participatory process for including all sectors of society in the development and conduct of public-interest research … ” (definition from Coastal CRC citizen science page). Using internet based technologies connects participants in the citizen science process and can ease data gathering, access and knowledge creation. This process would seem to create a “learning space” which could lead to greater understanding of the processes and data for citizens involved in the projects.

As of now I am unaware of any online citizen science projects which integrate a strong social e-learning element or module into the process. I find it hard to believe they don’t exist already and would like to find examples of such integration.

In the active e-learning courses we conduct there is a solid and integral element of physical engagement with the world. This movement out into the world to act and then coming online to interact with others can be easily seen as expanding or re-focusing to include elements of data collection and research.

More to come……

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