Evolving Web-based Online Courses

An Evolving Web-based Online Course (EWOC) represents a method for the use of online technologies to create interactive, engaged, and engaging, learning opportunities. An EWOC is meant to be responsive to the needs of participants, with course topics being fluid, open to amendment and able to reflect the interests and learning requirements of participants. EWOC’s rely heavily on social interaction, peer learning, and reflective assessment as techniques for creating meaningful learning experiences for participants.

Common technologies used for the creation of an EWOC include:

  • Webinars
  • LCMS’s
  • Twitter
  • Etc…

woven together to create a dialogic learning space online.

In many ways an EWOC is a counter-MOOC. The role of course facilitator is in-depth and essential in fostering a dialogic learning space that can evoke new knowledge while encouraging equitable, and sustained, participation over the duration of a course. An EWOC is solidly grounded in the Freirean sentiment that “there are neither utter ignoramuses nor perfect sages; there are only people who are attempting, together, to learn more than they now know.”

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