Frappr….locating ourselves in space

I was reading marshallkirkpatrick’s blog entry over at the NetSquared site about Mapping a Community of Practice using a site called Frappr. Being the curious guy that I am, I went to the Frappr site, poked around a bit and decided it would be kinda cool to have one on my blog to map willing visitors.

So, if you’re here and have a minute or two, go to my Frappr map and add yourself.

This concept of mapping distributed users of common interest or a shared resource is one we have talked about in the context of the elearning course we conduct here. A distributed community of practice faces some real and deep challenges and any tool which can help reinforce connectedness that does not have an overly high participation barrier could have great value. I am looking forward to using Frappr in this context and gathering some feedback from users on whether it really helps to re-inforce connectedness.

And, by the way, have a peaceful and safe holiday……

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