How, When and Why of Forest Farming – Designing a site/community

Below is an attempt to lay out the design rationale for development of an online course and learning community for forest farming. This process is underway now and involves a core group which is geographically dispersed over New York and Pennsylvania.

“Our initial motivation in using MOODLE to work with, as the core HWWFF group, was that it would allow all of our members to become acquainted with the tool they would ultimately be using to host online learning communities. MOODLE is a learning content management system which relies strongly on the social aspects of learning and knowledge construction. It has a range of tools which bring learners together online to engage in activities and discussions meant to form a “community of learners”.

The HWWFF platform is a hybrid which combines a series of learning modules with focused, instructor lead, learning experiences online. The site – HWWFF – contains a rich assortment of materials ranging from static web pages to video demonstrations and self evaluation tools. The HWWFF online learning community is the core of educators and committed learners who make use of the resources provided by the web site to engage a larger community or network of learners.

This hybrid configuration provides maximum flexibility for instructors, allowing them to pick and choose units ( or modules) from the web based resources of the HWWFF site for use in the courses they will conduct using MOODLE. By allowing instructors to customize their course we are making best use of both tools; aggregating web based resources which are available for any users, and conducting focused community based instructor lead online learning with the intent of building a community or network of learners in the forest farming field.”

HWWFF web site

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