Latent Information Networks

When an emergent issue arises and a response is initiated, what accounts for those instances when the response is both rapid, informed and collaborative? I pose this question in the context of our work at Cooperative Extension and the responsibility we have to educate. And I think, that in some instances, there is a latent information network which is activated in these situations. (Anyone is welcome to point me to similar research/speculation here)

Latent information networks (LIN’s)….was tempted to call them Latent Educational Networks (LEN’s) … but I digress…the point is experts, specialists, professionals meet (and I’ve come to think face to face is a much more key element in forming stronger bonds) at conferences workshops or virtually. The commonality of topic/interest/specialization holds the potential for the formation of Communities of Practice and connections are made, but may not be utilized or acted upon in any fully formed manner….the connections exist as latencies…sort of narrowband relationships.

When an issue or need  arises these narrowband connections/channels can rapidly grow to broadband…or become active (AIN’s or possibly AEN’s). These active networks produce materials, educational opportunities etc…as needed and once the emergent issue passes or becomes institutionalize the network can shift again.

Rambled, garbled but a start…..

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