Live from the Citizen Science Toolkit Conference

Working my way through the second day (1st full day) of the Citizen Science Toolkit conference here at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. It is a humbling and energizing experience thus far. Humbling because there are so many good people here, smart, creative and motivated. Energizing because there are so many smart people here, the potential is tremendous. And there’s a willingness to exchange, share and create together that is hopeful…

Find myself stuck for words right now….not used to the intense charge and exchange of ideas thats going on. A soup, a slurry, of ideas is occupying my headspace right now. Half formed things beginning to shape into something….hopefully something that leads to tangible results.

Links I’ve visited today, as a result of the conference:

Discover Life

Virginia Master Naturalist Program

CyberTracker -this is cool, current #1 thus far

Ecological Monitoring and Assesment

Managers’ Monitoring Guide

More tomorrow….

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