Models of Extension Work – First Entry

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about Cooperative Extension, in a number of contexts, and encountered a good journal article today. (Seeing as it is February already and I had hoped to be a bit more public – posting to the blog and all of that – I thought I’d mention what I’m reading and see where it goes.)
Agroecology as Participatory Science by Keith Douglass Warner, Science, Technology & Human Values, Vol. 33, No. 6, 754-777 (2008)

And an interview, Agroecology in Action, with Keith Douglass Warner at The Worlds Fair

Also worth noting and being re-read:
Extension and community: The practice of popular and progressive education by Jeff Zacharakis, Adult Education Quarterly, Vol. 58, No. 4. (1 August 2008), pp. 299-317.

The trick will be to come back soon and post some comments about these two articles

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