My Review of Moodle Course Design Best Practices

moodle course design coverLike any powerful system, Moodle offers a daunting array of possibilities to a new course designer and knowing where and how to begin can be a challenging – if not paralyzing – proposition. Moodle Course Design Best Practices offers a cure for that paralysis, providing clear pathways through activities and resources that will enable you to reach your educational goals. It is a book that I wish I had years ago, and one I will recommend to colleagues who are developing new courses.

I mentioned new course designers, but this book has just as much utility to a seasoned veteran of Moodle course development. We all develop habits and shortcuts that get the job done. But in the rush to get things done our habits and shortcuts can do a disservice to our primary educational goals. Moodle Course Design Best Practices can serve as a touchstone for those of us who work with Moodle on a daily basis, helping insure that our learners are navigating through clearly designed and thought out courses in order to reach clearly established goals.

Ideally, I would introduce this book to new course developers along with a volume that digs deeper into the how-to of using Moodle activities and resources. Moodle Course Design Best Practices provides a higher level view of Moodle while supporting a structured and pedagogically sound guide to developing a course. But to be employed effectively these course design strategies have to be matched by an understanding of the technical “how-to” of creating quizzes, workshops and so on. (Packt Publishing offers a companion volume in Moodle 2.0 E-Learning Course Development)

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