New site – Community University Engagement is a new site that I have a degree of involvement in and we’ve just done a “soft launch” today.  The purpose and goal of the site is to “develop and publish a set of “practitioner profiles” of people who have been engaged in public work initiatives and projects that feature significant levels of community-university engagement… The profiles we’ll be developing and publishing on this website will be centered on practice stories of democracy in action at the local community level. In addition to publishing these profiles, we’ll also be offering opportunities for readers to participate in the process of interpreting and making sense of them.”

The site is built on WordPress and, it being a soft launch and all, is likely to evolve over the coming months.  I am hoping the structure is inviting enough to encourage story idea submissions and the development of a loosely connected community of practitioners. Time will tell.

More later…I just wanted to extend the invite to folks. Go on over, take a look and come back and tell me what you think.

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