Practice based e-learning

I’ve mentioned before that the nature of many of the online courses we develop have elements of tangible engagement with the physical (or real, if you wish) world. I’ve struggled with how best to describe this type of e-learning. It is a methodology that has proven to be effective and is an animating element for our courses.

Communities of practice are being mentioned frequently of late, and on occasion I question the validity of this designation for some of what I see but the concept of practice describes the tangible engagement we integrate into our online courses. I just googled the term practice based e-learning and found The Practice-based Professional Learning Centre (PBPL) from the Open University, which rather describes what I’m saying quite succinctly, albeit in a professional setting. Nonetheless, I think there’s room to designate what we do as Practice based e-learning (PBE-L), focused on skill and/or craft in informal learning situations.

Practice based e-learning map

Now with mindmap!

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