Practice, devalued?

I had a short email conversation this morning with a colleague – we are trying to name a site- and I suggested something with the word “practicing” in it. The initial response was that the term seemed too much like “playing at” something, not quite active and concrete enough. I understood the reaction, though I wish it weren’t so. Practice is such a time honored thing – One practices a craft or an art – and it carries with it connotations of apprentiship and community. Or at least that was a predominate meaning. Now we practice for life…… we pretend in order to get ready for the real thing. Meanings shift, I understand that. Just in this case it struck me more than others.

And it points up to the well worn and time honored issue of how we manage to communicate anything at all, with any clarity, given the disjoints in meaning we carry around with us. But that’s one of the things about practice, it’s generally embodied (in my world view) and involves acting in the world – not just speech acts but tangible, physical acts. So we practice deliberation by doing it – the practice is the doing. And yes, deliberation – more talk less action, but I’ve got opinions and thoughts contrary about that too.

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