Pulling together resources for a presentation/event/happening.

I’m doing an “educational” activity here this Friday morning with some co-workers. I’m tired of powerpoints and yapping at people. As dazzling and engaging as that may be for my audience, lately I’ve been trying to diversify, to deepen my bag of tricks and find better, more interactive and engaging ways to talk about technology. So, I’ve contemplated theater – which has some promise but I haven’t pulled that off yet – and games. I have used the tech planning card games developed by David Wilcox¬†with success, and this presents another opportunity to use a game to really look at what some of these technologies can do, in a hopefully meaningful way that has relevance and meaning.

So, I need to gather some background resources for folks – on the odd and oddly optimnistic hope that someone who attends Friday will want more information. I suppose I should mention that at this point the topic du jour is “Social Media-An Invitation to Tell Stories”. And yes….there is an itnroductory powerpoint – my dislike of ppt presentations is overcome by the feeling of near nakedness at not having one at all. I’ve managed to pare them down to around 15 quick slides, but still use them – maybe someday I’ll be ready to cut the proverbial apron strings. And it’s enirely possible, given that it’s only Tuesday, that this will all change. But – some links:

Developing a guide to social media – not so recently updated wikispace – Beth Kanter and David Wilcox – Useful for links to games and info.

Secret Guide to Social Media in Large Organizations

One page guides to social media tools – Tim Davies – handy, but a bit busy one pagers covering wikis, blogs, etc…

Motionbox – online video sharing/editing/storage. Haven’t used but looks potetnailly useful.

More to follow.

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