Reading, reading…spiraling outward

I was sitting outside today reading further into “Dignity through Discourse” by Rao and Sanyal (link in preceding post) and experienced, yet again, my love/hate duality with references. Having access to a very good academic library can be dangerous as tail chasing for references can be so easily rewarded. Not that I am complaining, I revel in the privilege I am granted by my place of employ, but the point is that my leisurely engagement with the article soon evolved into a quartet of new papers in my pile to read.

2 of the papers are direct from the citations of Dignity through Discourse and 2 are fortuitous finds thanks to Google scholar. So now I have “Building Local Democracy” – about decentralization in Kerala, India and “Is Deliberation Equatable” by Ban and Rao. These are cited. This stack of three kind of gives me an itch to visit India…if only I could find someone who wanted to fly me over to talk about Moodle or such…..

The other two fortuitous finds are both by Andy Williamson and are more directly related to ICT/edemocracy issues. There’s also a paper I downloaded by Doug Schuler, but I haven’t printed it yet, so it’s not fully on my pile.

Guess I’m just name dropping/trying to keep track of my reading – haven’t read enough of this batch yet to even begin to try to say anything useful.

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  • For me somehow when I start reading for a while I tend to get nostalgic like think of India. It's like reading makes me stop and take a rest from the busy buzz of life.

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