Scenario based social e-learning concept map

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A first pass at teasing out the elements of scenario based social e-learning. This concept map represent the current flow of my thoughs, but in a nutshell what I am interested in is developing a system that integrates shared and social scenarios/role play structured within an elearning framework. I’ve just begun to dig through the lit on scenario based learning and have a long way to go yet but why wait?

These thoughts are an outgrowth of some ideas I’ve been kicking around concerning the intersection of citizen science and e-learning. Which, for some reason, had me wandering down memory lane to the olden times, when I was in high school. In those halcyon days of old, we would ocassionally go and participate in one or two day role play events focused on specific scenarios. It was obviously a potent thing as I can still recall those events quite clearly….

As usual, a truncated entry…more to come later

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  • Hi webmaster,
    I read that you are developing a system for scenario based learning on the web. I have been doing the same for client-server environments over the past decade. If you like to check out my website:
    Ron C. de Weijze
    Amsterdam, Holland

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