Second Life? A short puzzlement…

So, Second Life is a thing…companies investing, news stories….( and yes I’m just a bit behind the curve on posting about it here but…)…new educational opportunities in an immersive environment. I have to admit I’ve been round the block a couple time, seen this before and I’m still puzzled.

I’m puzzled because we have a hard enough time getting users connected to our online courses. I’m puzzled because broadband access is still an issue for many of our audience. And I just don’t quite “get it”. Maybe it’s a sign of aging.

For me to engage in Second Life I have to be at work, in front of my somewhat hefty pc connected on an academic high speed network…if I connect from home here on my MacBook Pro using my cable account it’s painful, a useless user experience, so I just don’t quite understand….it reminds me a bit too much of the middle old days, before the bubble burst…a lot of hype and chatter delivering…..not quite sure what.

Anyone able to open my eyes to the overwhelming benefits of Second Life?

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