Social Media 101 – A terse, incomplete and hurried introduction

About 24 hours prior to the delivery of this presentation I realised that the presentation I wanted to give (From Content to Context -social media, networks and meaning) would have had this particular audience glazed over in a matter of seconds. So I ripped together this РSocial Media 101 РContent, Context and Story Рand ran through it quite quickly in order to give us time to play the social media card game. You can, if you really want to, watch the video of my hurried presentation here.

It was disappointing, in some ways, as there wasn’t time, nor foundation, to really dig into the topic. I presented the powerpoint, handed out a glossary of social media terms and then we split up into groups to play a social media game. I do feel that the quick presentation followed by the game delivered more¬† of an opportunity to be concrete about what it all meant. I seeded each group with an IT person to act as a sort of living glossary/advisor which helped also.

It’s an ongoing learning process, for me, as I try to “get the message out”. Experimenting and learning what works best with which audiences. And, if anyone out there has a good audience for From Content to Context -social media, networks and meaning I’d love to present that someday.

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