Stardew Valley – first impressions.

It’s all over the internets these days – Stardew Valley is wildly popular. And while I am, at best, a casual gamer I do pay attention, peripherally, to games and gaming. I am an unabashed advocate for Minecraft as a tool for education. So, is the heat and light around Stardew Valley something that will be sustained, and will it lead to utility in educational settings?

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I’m intrigued, at this point. Mostly, my thoughts have been around the economy at work in the game – when I’m not worrying about the passing of time or trying to make nice with the villagers. It’s an odd thing to be taken in so wholly, so rapidly by a game that seems at first blush to be just a game.

And being single player, at this moment, constricts some of the possibilities for educational use. But it’s hard not to imagine the multiplayer version being developed – sooner rather than later given the games popularity. And then – well what will be the dynamics of interaction between players and villagers…

And that’s a thing with Stardew Valley – it has this tendency to envelope you in its reality in a way that it does not look like it should be able to. ¬†With it’s strictures of time and farm management – watering the damn plants can be frustrating when there’s mining or fishing or foraging to be done and villagers to interact with – economics and planning take a front seat.

There are, of course, a lot more elements to the game. I just wanted to post a first impression. And now I’m thinking about it’s extensibility – it there a pathway into the game system that would allow arduinos, etc…to connect, map data, allow real/virtual interactions? But that’s for another day.


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