Summer Seminar on Social Networking Tools

I’m putting together an online course – beginning June 15- for Extension Educators that looks at the possible uses of social networking tools for education. I’m posting the current outline here, open for input.

Social Networking for Education – New Tools and Challenges

* News forum
* Summer Seminar Online Course Goals Resource
* Your Guide to Social Networking Online file
* How much time do social networking tools take? file
* Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us file
* Using Information and Communications Technology for Agricultural Exetnsion (pdf) PDF document
* Social Networking for Education Glossary

Blogs and wikis

* Blogs and Wikis – The discussion Forum
* Difference between blogs and wikis file
* Summer Seminar Wiki file
* Educause Review – Educational Blogging file
* Blogging in MOODLE- How-to Screencast file
* Posting to your blog Assignment

Tags and Tagging

* What is a tag? Resource
* 7 things you should know about social bookmarking – educause pdf PDF document
* 13 Tips for Effective Tagging file
* file
* CiteULike file
* Supplementary/Optional Readings
* The Role of in Education file

The Multimedia Web

* Audio
*     Podcasting
*     7 Ways NonProfits Can Use Podcasting file
*     Audacity – Audio editor file
* Video

Social Networking Tools

* Ning – Social network
* Mashups
* Supplementary Readings
* Using Social Networking to Stop Genocide text file
* Social Network Sites: Definition, History, and Scholarship file

Building Networks

* Characteristics of Successful Online Communities text file

Evaluating Use and Impact

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  • I would be thrilled to participate in this course. I am currently web content manager for an online course program and am trying to add depth, dimension and interaction to the courses. Could you send me information when it becomes available please?


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