Career Explorations 2008 – Digital Storytelling

This year’s Career Explorations program begins in a few short hours and I am quite hopeful that I’ll drop in at least 2 or 3 blog posts during our session, but I had the same hope last year and never quite made it, so we’ll see. We have about 12 hours total during the next 3 days to explore some existing, and create some new, digital stories. And, new this year, I’ve set out some goals and done some focused pre-planning – we’ll see how that goes, too.

Once we begin to produce new content it will be posted to the our Youtube channel and linked from the Digital Storytelling blog. By tonight I should have some images to post, but for now here is our sechedule. More to come, I hope.

Communities of reflection

I’ve been doing a fair amount of thinking (one might say reflecting) about what it is we actually do when we come together online. There’s a lot of talk about Communities of Practice and how and what and when, but what I find or what I find interesting is the act of reflection as a way to learn and refine/change practice. And perhaps I am being too much the literalist here, but mostly practice happens out there, in the world. What we do here, online, is tell the stories about the practice and then, hopefully, reflect and engage around the story and our reflections.

Yes, yes…CoP’s have a reflective component but I am seriously wondering about building intentional communities of reflection. I believe it would be a different experience…the boundaries and rules would alter and, perhaps, the stories would be given more space. (On the other hand, maybe not. ) Perhaps a kind of story circle…