Working with the Video Crew at STARR 09

I spent this past Saturday at the NY State Fairgrounds offering my sage advice and guidance to the Video Crew for STARR. STARR (State Teen Action Representative Retreat) is a 4-H event that happens round about this time every year. This was our second year working with video and digital storytelling and thanks to the supremely organized Celeste Carmichael this years activity was more focused and intentional than the previous. Celeste is a Youth Development Progam Specialist here at Cooperative Extension and she is very much more organized than I am, which seemed to make a difference. (Perhaps a lesson here I should heed?)

You can, most likely, imagine the activity. I won’t go into detail regarding technical issues, the flakiness of some operating systems and related topics. The continually memorable thing about any of these events I  participate in with kids and digital storytelling is the boundless energy and creativity they bring to the tasks. Something doesnt work as expected? Try it this way…fluid and flexible in ways we loose as adults, it is energizing to work with them.

We had 4 teams of 3 working with this challenge: You have 4 minutes to creatively get this message across to VIPS everywhere by showing the activities happening at STARR. You will be making a movie – and can do this with still shots, video, audio…etc.

Given the limited amount of time this event takes, they produced 4 videos of varying quality – but all decent. You can check them out at youtube:

I, of course, snapped a few pictures during the course of saturday:

Career Explorations 2008 – Digital Storytelling

This year’s Career Explorations program begins in a few short hours and I am quite hopeful that I’ll drop in at least 2 or 3 blog posts during our session, but I had the same hope last year and never quite made it, so we’ll see. We have about 12 hours total during the next 3 days to explore some existing, and create some new, digital stories. And, new this year, I’ve set out some goals and done some focused pre-planning – we’ll see how that goes, too.

Once we begin to produce new content it will be posted to the our Youtube channel and linked from the Digital Storytelling blog. By tonight I should have some images to post, but for now here is our sechedule. More to come, I hope.