Tape delayed from…Career Explorations 2007

Career Explorations, a yearly event from 4-H, is going on now at Cornell. Our program this year is titled “Connect,Create,Collaborate” and, much to my surprise, has 2 returnee’s from last year. Think thats the first time that’s happened in one of my sessions….But on to whats going on.

We kind of threw it open a bit wider this year. Our promotional blurb encouraged artists, musicans, writers and techno-geeks…and we got them. A great mix of skills and talents that has really cohered to create something online. You can take a look at whats going on by visiting the site they are building, which is still very much in progress at this moment.

We have 24 participants, which includes our 3 chaperones, working together in 4 groups. The design team has been working with WordPress (my current favorite tool to build sites with) and hacking the css under the tutelage of web programmer Teri Solow. We have a production team using their discrete ninja skills, wielding Photoshop, iMovie and Audacity to great effect. And we have 2 content teams capturing life with video and still camera, a Roland R-09 mp3 recorder and pencil and paper.

To state the oft stated obvious…kids these days are very fluid with technology. But even given this, I think there have been a few kind of whizz bang moments. Putting new tools into teen hands and then being able to back it up with skillful mentors/instructors willing and able to help them take an idea, execute it and then unleash it into the wild is not the common experience, I believe. Sure kids pick up new tech easily, and yes, as evidenced by YouTube, they can produce video but the mentoring experience provides some depth, perspective and a safety net to help them engage the tools more fully. At least thats what I hope we’re providing.

And here are some shots from our first day of work:

Using AudacityPaper and pencilPaper, pencil and a scanner

Teri teachesI’m explaining….somethingEditing video

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